Please follow the instructions below when submitting your Abstract

Abstract Submission Instructions:
  1. You can select to submit an abstract one of three different formats:
    1. Workshops: 1 hour, interactive
    2. Oral Presentations: 10 minutes of presentation, 5 minutes Question and Answer
    3. Virtual Posters
  2. Select one theme for the abstract.
  3. Do not submit your abstract more than once in different categories.
  4. When submitting your abstract limit your abstract to no more than 250 words.
  5. Research abstracts typically have introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion.
  6. For Workshops, describe your method of presentation.
  7. Do not submit PowerPoint, audiovisual or other files at this point in time. See details below for your presentation once accepted.
Abstract Themes:
  • Indigenous leadership
  • Best practices in primary care
  • Using data to promote policy and affect Health Care Systems changes
  • Reconciliation in Health Care
  • Traditional Ways and Self-Determination
  • Women’s Health (reproduction, violence), MMIG
  • Racism/Colonialism
  • Children’s Health
  • Mental Health (suicide prevention, substance abuse)
  • Elder’s Health
  • Infectious Disease
  • Chronic Disease
  • Determinants of Health (housing, poverty)
  • Nutrition
  • Environmental and Planetary Health
  • Cultural Safety and Humility
  • Research, Data, Information and Knowledge
  • Other Topics Related to Indigenous Health
Profile Your Work, submit an abstract!

Through the call for abstracts, we will profile the work of our academic and community partners who are involved in Indigenous health throughout Canada who can present their work through workshops, oral abstracts and posters. Although most of the research abstracts will have a typical research format, such as background, methods, results and conclusion we recognize that many Indigenous ways of knowing many not fit into these categories, especially for workshops.

Important Dates:
Abstracts open:
Open Nowth 2022
Closing of Abstracts:
December 11th 2023
Notification of result of submission:
February 12th 2024
Deadline for confirming abstract and registering for conference:
March 11th 2024
Conference Dates:
May 24-26th 2024

Q: Why has it taken so long to review the previously submitted abstracts?

A: This conference was initially planned as a virtual conference, but we are now collaborating with the University of Manitoba to have an in person conference in May 2024

Q: Do I need to re-submit my abstract that was sent previously.

A: No, unless there are changes or updates then you can resubmit. Please indicate that this is a resubmission.

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